Gulag Blog is primarily a source of entertainment, rooted in current events, to present a possible universe where the most powerful man in the world is actually a willing operative of a hostile government, working to enslave his own people for the benefit of his true masters.

Occasionally, real truth and facts are presented here to give credence to the imagined universe. These items will be clearly labeled with either "NEWS" or "SCIENCE and LOGIC" with source links to supporting documentation. In short, the truth will be clearly labeled as such, and everything else is opinion, conjecture, or imagination.

Nothing here is meant to defame or slander any persons, known or unknown, and in the instances of mentioning identifiable public individuals (Celebrities, Leaders, Politicians, etc.) any commentary falls under FAIR USE as defined in Title 17 U.S. Code § 107.

Eventually, when demand arises, this site will be monetized through the sale of merchandise, exclusive content, and — when and if our Communist overlords permit it — ticket sales to live events.

Thank you for your patronage and support, and enjoy this wild ride we're all on!