BREAKING NEWS – There is no more IRONY in California

Let's get this out of the way...


I just read this article from the Washington Times, and the title says it all:

"California Democrats to investigate cause of high gas prices"


California's implementation of the "Jungle Primaries" — effectively making it almost illegal to run as a Republican in the State — is but ONE of the mechanisms that the illegal Biden Regime employed to steal the 2020 Election.

For NORMAL States, each party (Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, et al) holds a primary whereby they select which candidates go on the ballot.

In Communist shitholes like California, ALL candidates go on the list, no matter which party they may (or may not) be affiliated with, and then ONLY THE TOP TWO based on popularity are chosen for the ballot.

Imagine ten names from 3 parties want to be elected. In Texas, each party would hold primaries and come election day, you'd see the top pick for each party listed on the ballot... but in California, if the two highest vote earners were Democrats, then the ballot come election day would be a hollow choice between those two Democrats, all other candidates and all other parties being blocked from appearing on the ballot.

It's also very important to note that there is a SCAM in California that is bilking consumers at the pump in the form of a mystery tax that nobody has been able to tell where it came from, who enacted it, who gets the money from it, or if there's even a law that allowed its inclusion in the State portion of gasoline tax. The problem has been known about for YEARS, but nobody anywhere seems to want to find out the true source of this potentially illegal embodiment of financial rape.

So, to sum up...

The reason for ultra-high gasoline prices in California?

It's not so-called "greedy" oil companies, it's not the United States proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, it's not the fault of Vladimir Putin... or President Trump... or "Climate Change™"... or even rabid trans-dimensional iridescent unicorns.


Gas prices are high everywhere because they helped Potato-Brain Biden steal an election, and it's ULTRA-high in California because of Californian corruption.


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