Dear Leader’s Report Card: Week One

So how does one measure the success of an illegal usurper?

The same way you measure it against anyone else: What are they actually doing?

Below you will find a one-week assessment of what this illegitimate regime has done (or is trying to do) just within the first week.


Jobs Killed

Dear Leader issued 2 Imperial Decrees that immediately killed over 75,000 jobs:

  1. Halted Construction on the Southern border wall
  2. Halted Construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline

Foreign Relations

Ally Countries Angered

Dear Leader did 2 things to anger our allies:

  1. Failed to respond to China's show of aggression over Taiwan
  2. Halted Construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline

Freedom Erosion

Amendments Attacked

Dear Leader did everything that mumbling bastard could have in order to destroy your freedoms:

He Violated the 1st Amendment when he:

  1. Endorsed the idea that Conservatives should be silenced
  2. Endorsed China's ban on President Trump and all of his cabinet members
  3. Failed to denounce the SECOND sham impeachment against President trump, signaling that free speech is now an impeachable offense

He Violated the 2nd Amendment when he endorsed the ill-conceived (c'mon, man, it was put forth by the guy who thought the island of Guam would "tip over" or "capsize" if we put too many trucks on it) "Assault Weapons Ban of 2017 2021". (Yes, they dusted it off and FAILED to change every "2017" to "2021" in the document, so YES they're THAT STUPID AND LAZY.)

He Violated the 4th Amendment in suggesting that you would have to prove vaccination status to perform normal societal functions (in CLEAR violation of HIPAA).

He Violated the 5th Amendment by stalling the stimulus checks. Whenever the Government forcibly takes your property (your job, your business income, etc) they are required to pay you just compensation for such takings of private property. Any stimulus they would ever approve would be just a drop in the bucket of what the OWE you for stealing your valuable property.

He Violated the 8th Amendment by failing to denounce the hefty and usurious levies, fines, and fees placed on citizens by over-zealous "health" department workers country-wide in the guise of "covid safety".

He Violated the 9th Amendment by not recognizing that citizens also have the right of bodily autonomy when he suggested that vaccinations would become mandatory.

He Violated the 10th Amendment when he used illegal and unconstitutional Executive Orders to trample on States' rights, such as when he told Texas to not only stop deportations, but immediately release violent murderers and rapists onto Texas streets.

He Violated the 12th Amendment by endorsing the massive voter fraud, cyber warfare attack, and election rigging that got him (s)elected.

He Violated the 14th Amendment rights of all legal citizens when he ignored the massive levels of voting occurring by illegal aliens, AND by supporting measures to further expand this form of illegal voting.

He Violated the 17th Amendment by endorsing the massive voter fraud, cyber warfare attack, and election rigging that ended up usurping the Senate run-off elections in Georgia.

He Violated the 26th Amendment by endorsing the first House Bill that would demand that 16-year olds be given the right to vote.

He Violated the 27th Amendment by failing to declare the Congressional pay raises tied to the Covid relief bill as null and void.

Lack of Integrity

Violations of Oath of Office

Dear Leader violates his Oath of Office every time he circumvents the Constitutional process of legislation by issuing an Imperial Decree (an Executive Order that does not enforce EXISTING law; rather, creates or modifies a law, which makes him a dictator.)

30 Counts in unconstitutional Executive Orders alone

2 Counts in angering our allies

2 Counts in killing tens of thousands of jobs

2 Counts in forcing medicine to become more expensive

1 Count in allowing terrorist-producing enemy States to enter the U.S. unchecked

1 Count in announcing diplomatic relations with a known terror organization

...and probably a bunch more I've missed.


Economic Destruction

Actions Making Daily Life More Expensive

Dear Leader did 6 things to make daily life FAR MORE expensive for you:

  1. Halted construction on the Southern border wall - this will cost you when the Government is forced to expand gift handouts to illegal aliens to buy future votes
  2. Halted construction of the Keystone XL pipeline - this will cost you more because energy costs will begin to skyrocket - AS HE PROMISED
  3. Ended price reductions on Epi-Pens
  4. Ended price reductions on Insulin
  5. Endorsed a bill that will usurp the electoral process, guaranteeing Democrat-only wins for all time, which will DEFINITELY cost you more (...and more, and more, and more, and more...)
  6. Announced "green energy" initiatives - this will cost you more because, and listen carefully, if these technologies ACTUALLY WORKED, then you would happily buy them with your own money because they would be a much better value than what you're currently using; however, since they are unreliable, low-yield, and extremely expensive, the Government must BRIBE YOU to purchase them. (Don't believe me? Just ask Tesla Motors!)

Endangering Your Safety

Actions Endangering the Safety of Americans

Dear Leader did 7 things to ENDANGER your safety:

  1. Lifted the temporary ban on travel from terrorist-producing enemy States
  2. Halted construction on the Southern border wall
  3. Ordered ICE to halt deportations of violent criminals
  4. Ordered ICE to release violent criminals onto American streets
  5. Ensured dependency on foreign oil by halting construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline
  6. Ensured dependency on foreign oil by halting all petroleum drilling on Federal lands
  7. Announced diplomatic relations with a known terrorist organization

Environmental Destruction

Actions Endangering the Environment

Dear Leader did 3 things to ENDANGER the environment:

  1. Ensured elevated levels of diesel exhaust by halting construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would require diesel-powered trucks and trains to move the oil from Canada to Texas.
  2. Ensured elevated levels of diesel exhaust by halting all petroleum drilling on Federal lands, which would require diesel-powered supertankers to import oil from OPEC
  3. Endorsed wind farms, which slaughter millions of birds annually, while creating toxic, non-recyclable hazardous waste - windmill blades cannot be recycled!
War Started

Dear Leader started a war with Syria. (Which, coincidentally, is bad for the environment!)

Failure to Plan

Plandemic Plan Stalled

Dear Leader — after promising for months — has utterly failed to present a workable plan to fight the plandemic.

Of course it's because the plandemic has been politically useful to him, as he could have never been elected without it (or the hypercapnia it brought to his voters!).


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