“Popular Science” is now SCIENCE-FREE!

The magazine / web site "Popular Science" needs to rename and rebrand to "Popular Science Denial".

I recently read this article where they foment fear of a drowning planet... because feels and reasons.

In short, they claim that Antarctic ice will melt and raise sea levels by more than 16 feet by the year 2500, because "Climate Change™", and probably also unicorn flatulence.

They harp on re-bleating the "we have to limit global heating by 2° Celsius or we all die" fallacy, ignoring ALL abundant, available, even ubiquitous data proving that alarmist assertion to be wrong.

In fact, there hasn't been any obvious, accelerated, or even perceivable heating trend SINCE WE STARTED KEEPING RECORDS!

Looking at the ACTUAL temperature readings (millions of actually recorded temperatures), there is no warming trend.

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