Dear Leader defeated again by rowdy teleprompter while laughing at dead Americans

So Dear Leader had to give a speech where he feigned concern over the lives of American military service members that were lost due to his glaring incompetence, malfeasance, and rapidly spiraling cognitive decline.

Because he CANNOT think on his feet — it turns out you need a functioning brain for that, which is exceedingly rare among Democrat politicians — he was forced to re-bleat the words that he was told to read. You know, those carefully crafted propaganda lines manufactured under the quality control of George Soros, the DNC, and Chinese Emperor Winnie-the-Pooh.


The problem is worse than his handlers thought.

He is SO FAR DOWN the slide into potato-brain land that he couldn't even read the teleprompter.

After a cringe-laden bungling of the reading, which sounded like a drunken toddler speaking with a mouth full of marbles, he essentially gave up and the dutiful drones at the State-run media outlets cut off his microphone, but failed to cut off the video feed before he was found to smile and laugh at the thought of Americans being murdered if they didn't make the September 1st, 2021 GTFO deadline.

There is no need to worry about Americans being murdered by the Taliban after September 1st, however, because Dear Leader made sure to give that terrorist organization — which is in full control of Afghanistan — a complete list of all Americans, American contractors, and Afghans who helped out the United States for the last 20 years in the fight against THAT VERY SAME TERRORIST ORGANIZATION... meaning they will ALL BE DEAD long before the September 1st deadline. Biden's response? LAUGH.

Disgusting pedophile traitor Dear Leader needs to be in GITMO (or preferably a pine box, if we're following the United States Code of Laws).


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