finally, Jimmy Carter is no longer the Worst US President


I just broke out of solitary confinement, and since Dear Leader is bungling things up so badly he and his idiot guards are no longer watching the prisoners closely.

I've managed to steal a propaganda terminal and wire it into the underside of my cell bunk so I can flip the mattress and make a post whenever I want.


As the chaos of the clown-world cluster-fornication of Dear Leader's illegitimate regime increases, the news of the outside world keeps flooding in, because now even the guards are loudly complaining about the glaring incompetency of The Party.

Afghanistan is a decades-long strategic mistake that the United States was due to leave under carefully controlled, carefully timed handover to the Afghan government. A date was set. Plans were made. People were trained.

...AND THEN...

The potato-brained dicktater known as Joe "My Butt's Been Wiped!" Biden was installed under the guise of a fake disease orchestrated by our enemy Emperor Winnie-the-Pooh, and since he enjoys fornicating very young things, he thought he'd fornicate this young, fledgling plan to exit Afghanistan as well.

...and BOY, did he!!!

I'll be posting more and more, because even the guards cannot stop me now! (Hell, some of them might start working with me!)

Fingers crossed.


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