Minimum Wage (and Anyone who Pushes It) is STUPID

Dear Leader is making fools and idiots salivate again.

You always get the same thing from glassy-eyed, mouth-breathing, low-information voters... "blah blah minimum wage... blah blah fair... blah blah living wage...".

It's all nonsense, and their efforts (regardless of how well-intentioned they are) always harm those they are intending to help.

Here's a real-world example:

  • I need a fence built.
  • I have $200 set aside to have it built, but I don't want to do it myself.

I place an ad, and you reply.

I ask you how long it will take, and you say "50 hours, maybe less... I'm new to this.". We are both happy with the terms and agree on this, and just as we're reaching to shake hands, someone barges in and yells "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!".

We look at this wholly uninvolved third party, with confused looks on our faces, and ask in unison "Why not?".

The person says, pointing to me, "You have to pay him $350 for the fence, or I'm going to put you in prison!".

Understandably, I tell you "Sorry, the deal's off... good luck finding work!".

The result?

  • I don't get a fence built.
  • You don't make the $200 you were completely willing to make for doing the work.

A month later... I pay the same $200 to a guy that can do it in 10 hours, because he has a lot more experience and the right tools.

The third party interfering in our private business transaction is a meddlesome idiot named "The Federal Government"... who – in an attempt to help you make more money – guaranteed you made none.

The result?

  • The experienced, highly paid person gets the income.
  • Nobody is able to get these same skills or experience because there's now an unconstitutional barrier to entry for all newcomers. Moreover, it's likely that the pro has donated to the campaigns of those wishing to push the minimum wage even higher, to guarantee that they are the only one legally allowed to build fences.

This is how minimum wage works!


Let's look at WHY anyone would ever even NEED a "minimum wage" in the first place.

The United States hasn't had true capitalism since 1913, when the Federal Reserve was chartered and the monetary policy was handed over (unconstitutionally) to foreign interests.

Now the Fed seeks target inflation of 4-6% per year. This means that $1.00 today will only buy $0.96 worth of goods and services next year. This is a built-in, hidden (in plain sight) taxation on productivity. Manipulation of LIBOR can artificially erode buying power even more. Wage "stagnation" is not an issue, save for inflation.

Unstable governmental regulatory policy also makes companies gun-shy against expansion and wage increases, because if you own a business in an industry that liberal leftists despise, they can pass fiat regulations that "will bankrupt you" (on purpose). This is also the reason companies shelter their monies off-shore.

Deflation is actually great for everyone, but the Fed will tell you the exact opposite, because their century-long Ponzi scheme requires inflation. (The next round of debt, created by "poofing" money into existence, goes to pay interest on the previous round of vapor money.) Remember when gasoline went from nearly $5 a gallon to the sub-$2 a gallon we pay today? That's what deflation feels like.

The U.S. Dollar has lost around 95% of its value since the Fed came along. It now takes $26.14 to buy what $1 did in 1913.

Now, AND THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART, if we erased the century-long Ponzi scheme illegally foisted upon us by the "Federal" (Feral) Reserve, then the CURRENT minimum wage would be the same as $189.52 per hour!!!

End the lies. End the unconstitutional usurpations. End the Federal Reserve's charter to continue illegally counterfeiting currency.

June 2022 update:

A dollar from June of 2022 is worth just 3.39¢ of a 1913 dollar. ($29.52 today to buy what $1 would in 1913.)

As an example of how powerful this is, consider a Tesla Model 3 vehicle, highly sought after at the bare-bones minimum entry price of $47,000 would cost $1,592 in 1913 pre-inflation money.


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