THIS is the future YOU wanted!

To everyone bitching and moaning about the high prices on everything right now, know this:

We are EXACTLY where we would be if the $15/hour federal minimum wage was implemented when demanded.

As it turns out, when you DOUBLE the cost of doing business... you DOUBLE the price of the final product.

This is why you prove yourself to be an ABSOLUTE MORON when you chant "raise taxes on corporations".

The corporations NEVER pay taxes — no matter how high you jack them — because they'll just add it to the price of the things you buy... so when you say "raise taxes on corporations" you're REALLY saying "I'm too stupid to understand basic business principles or elementary economics, so tax the hell out of *ME* and make me think it's being paid by someone else."

Don't believe me?

Look at your last cellphone bill.

Find the "regulatory cost recovery fee".

THAT is them forwarding the onerous taxes RIGHT ON TO YOU. Happy?

The politicians will KEEP DOING THIS TO YOU until you get fed up.

You owe it to yourself to read THIS BOOK!


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